• Understand Food Adulteration

    Carbon and hydrogen isotope analysis is able to detect
    fradulent enhancements of inferior products.

  • precisION

    The most powerful, yet flexible
    Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

    iso FLOW

    Innovative Stable Isotope
    Sample Handling Platform

  • Understand Oil Reservoirs

    Carbon and hydrogen isotope ratios of crude oils give greater understanding
    of formation and potential of untapped reservoirs.

  • Understand Future Climate Scenarios

    Through investigating the past earth climates with oxygen and hydrogen
    isotopes, future climate challenges can be predicted.

  • visION Stable Isotope Analyzer

    Your vision, our solution.

  • Understand Testosterone Abuse

    Carbon isotope ratios are able to determine the source
    of testosterone in an athletes body.

  • Understand Biological Processes

    Applying enriched stable isotopes to animals and humans safely
    elucidates complex chemical and biological processes.

Excellence in Isotopes

Welcome to Isoprime, where stable isotope analysis is our passion.

Why? Quite simply because of the applications. This relatively simple, yet amazingly powerful technique brings ever deeper understanding to areas from paleoclimate studies to police forensics, archaeology to aquatic ecosystems, sports doping to soil science and many stops in-between.

At Isoprime we share our customers passion for these applications and work with them to create the most advanced instrument solutions so they can continue to drive forward their research to new depths. With our instruments and our support, we help our customers develop their understanding of the natural and human world surrounding us.

Why should you choose Isoprime? Because we are different, and what makes us different is our dedication. Every single member of our team is dedicated to stable isotope analysis. Our in-house R&D team; our expert technical application specialists; our in-depth training and support staff; our experienced and knowledgeable engineers around the world; everyone is focussed on stable isotope analysis guaranteeing that you have the best solution for your application.

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Understand more about the protection of human and animal health and safety.

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Understand more about the world that we inhabit.

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Understand the future of our global energy reserves.

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Understand more about the human condition.

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Understand more about protecting our natural environment.

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Understand more about metals and inorganic materials.

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IonOS Software

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IonOS is the most advanced software ever created for the stable isotope community. You can take advantage of faster, more robust data processing today with our three month free trial.

The IonOS free trial supports the import of other IonOS data files, IonVantage data files and third party data (as .dxf*  or .csv) and is available to the entire stable isotope community as a standalone data processing client.

*.dxf is a file format of ThermoFisher Scientific Inc

Support Portal

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Providing exceptional support to our customers around the globe is fundamental. For this we have created our Isoprime Support Portal to give you direct access to helpful resources such as:

  • Knowledgebase
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  • and more...
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We like to keep ourselves nice and busy at Isoprime. Whether we are organising regional user workshops, attending seminars and conferences around the globe or developing exciting new products, there is always a lot going on.

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For further information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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